The social parameter is a set of key value pairs of social links that mapping from platform to their user identifier. It supports many popular social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, GitHub. This article lists all supported platforms and how to use them.


There are three places you can put social links to: top app bar, Author Widget and footer.

Top App Bar


2  []
3    github = 'foobar'


2  social:
3    github: foobar


2   "topAppBar": {
3      "social": {
4         "github": "foobar"
5      }
6   }

Author Widget

Set up social links by editing a file config/_default/author.toml with the following content:

2  email = "[email protected]"
3  github = "githubusername"

Set up social links by creating a file config/_default/social.toml with the following content:

1email = "[email protected]"
2github = "githubusername"


The value can be changed to a full URL if necessary.

PlatformUser Identifier
emailEmail Address
facebookFacebook Username
facebookgroupFacebook Group Name
githubGitHub Username
gitlabGitLab Username
instagramInstagram Username Username
linkedinLinkedIn Username
quoraQuora Username
stackoverflowStack Overflow User ID
tumblrTumblr Username
twitterTwitter Username
weiboWeibo Username
zhihuZhihu Username
redditReddit Username
telegramTelegram Username
qqQQ Number
dockerhubDocker Hub Username
bitbucketBitbucket Workspace ID
kaggleKaggle Username
mediumMedium Username or custom domain(e.g. Username
bibibiliBiliBili User ID
youtubeYoutube Channel ID
discordDiscord Invite Code
discourseForum URL
tiktokTikTok Username
pinterestPinterest Username
mastodonMastodon Username
liberapayLiberapay Username
paypalPaypal Username
patreonPatreon Username
tipeeeTipeee Username
rssEmpty string for disabling the RSS link
websiteWebsite URL