Track and review changes to the theme source files and documentation to help you migrate from v0.* to v1.

If you’re not sure how to upgrade, see the Upgradation guide.


The older UI design are freezen on v0 branch that only accepts bug fixes. You can keep using the older UI design with that branch.


  • Bumped Bootstrap from v5.1 to v5.2.


  • Removed the setting panel from top app bar.
  • Added the social links on top app bar.
  • Placed Docs navigation toggle on top app bar on small screen.


  • Removed layouts/_default/archive.html, please replace the layout = archive with layout = archives in front matter.
  • Renamed layouts/partials/docs/catalog.html to layouts/partials/docs/nav.html.


  • Deprecated $variable-prefix, please use $prefix instead.
  • Use Bootstrap built-in CSS variables instead of theme-defined CSS variables.


  • BREAKING CHANGE use the navWeight instead of weight for sorting pages on docs nav.


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