In this article we are going to talk about how to improve the performance of your sites.

The easiest way to improve performance is to reduce the file size for transferring faster.


The theme relies on the production environment to minify the JavaScript and CSS assets, and purge unused CSS.

Default environmentValue
hugo serverdevelopment

In general, you don’t need to make any changes unless you plan to use the hugo server in a production environment. You can change the default environment with -e flag.

HTML Minification

You should use hugo --minify to minify the final HTML in production environment.


Compression is not the same thing of minification, it compresses files with some algorithm (such as gzip), and then transfer to clients, the clients then decompress before parsing those files. This is the configuration of the web server. Please refer to the relevant documents according to your own situation.

Images Resources

Please place the featured, cover or thumbnail images under the page folder whenever possible, so that the images would be treated as page resources that can be processed by the theme. HBS will crop it into multiple smaller sizes to suit different devices, in order to save users bandwidth and improve the performance and user experience.

1├── featured-sample.webp

SCSS Variables

Use SCSS variables when possible, see also SCSS Variables.