Social Links

The social parameter is a set of key value pairs of social links that mapping from platform to their user identifier. It supports many popular social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, GitHub. This article lists all supported platforms and how to use them.


There are two place you can put social links to, one is the Author Widget , the other is the footer.

Author Widget

Set up social links by editing a file config/_default/author.toml with the following content:

2  email = "user@domain.tld"
3  github = "githubusername"

Set up social links by creating a file config/_default/social.toml with the following content:

1email = "user@domain.tld"
2github = "githubusername"


Platform User Identifier
email Email Address
facebook Facebook Username
facebookgroup Facebook Group Name
github GitHub Username
gitlab GitLab Username
instagram Instagram Username
linkedin LinkedIn Username
quora Quora Username
stackoverflow Stack Overflow User ID
tumblr Tumblr Username
twitter Twitter Username
weibo Weibo Username
zhihu Zhihu Username
reddit Reddit Username
telegram Telegram Username
qq QQ Number
dockerhub Docker Hub Username
bitbucket Bitbucket Workspace ID
kaggle Kaggle Username
medium Medium Username or custom domain(e.g. https://custom.domain.tld )
lastfm Username
bibibili BiliBili User ID
youtube Youtube Channel ID
discord Discord Invite Code
discourse Forum URL
tiktok TikTok Username
pinterest Pinterest Username