Main Sections

The mainSections parameter is used to filter pages, default to ["posts", "docs"].

1mainSections = ["blog", "posts", "docs", "notes"]

Content Types

You may want to use docs layout in other sections instead of /docs, such as /notes. It’s easy to do that by setting type = "docs" on the front matter.


We can also create a archetype for notes, let’s Hugo take care of the type.

1$ cp themes/hugo-theme-bootstrap/archetypes/ archetypes/

And the append type = "docs" on the front matter of archetypes/ Now, hugo new notes/blah-blah-blah will copy the content of archetypes/ to your new notes.

Similarly, you can also custom the archetypes for posts, docs and so on.

Sections Template

You may also want to use the same list layout of docs on notes.

1{{ define "content" }}
2{{- partial "docs/catalog" . -}}
3<div class="col-lg-7 ms-auto">
4  {{ partial "docs/list" . }}
6{{- partial "docs/sidebar" . -}}
7{{ end }}

Write New Articles

Suppose the default language is en.

1$ hugo new posts/new-post/

The command above create a new post written in English. Similarly, we can create a post written in Simplified Chinese:

1$ hugo new posts/new-post/

Please remind that, the created posts are generally in draft state. You’ll need to specify the -D parameter of the command hugo server for previewing. Similarly, you need to change the draft to false or remove draft parameter if you want to publish the article.

Summary Selection Order

  1. If post.excerpt = "description" and description is not empty, then it’ll be used.
  2. Manual splitting via <!–more–>.
  3. If summary on front matter isn’t empty, then summary will be selected.
  4. The text of content will be cut off by post.excerptMaxLength and formatted in plain text or HTML when post.plainifyExcerpt = true.
2  # excerpt = "description"
3  # excerptMaxLength = 120
4  # copyright = false # Whether to display copyright section on each post.
5  # plainifyExcerpt = false # Format excerpt in HTML if false.

Thumbnail Selection Order

  1. The images on front matter are preferred.
  2. Page images resources that match the filename’s patterns: *feature*, *cover* and *thumbnail*. Such as posts/my-page/feature.png.

The page images resources will be resized to several smaller versions to suit the users devices for saving the bandwidth.

Pinning Posts

You can pin posts on the home page by setting pinned to true on the front matter.

2title = "Pinned Post"
3pinned = true
4weight = 100

If there is multiple pinned posts, they are sorted by weight in descending order.

1pinnedPost = false # Disable pinned posts globally.
2pinnedPostCount = 2 # The number of pinned posts shown on home page.

Showing posts on carousel.

2carousel = true

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